Map of India

Map of India


Delhi is the hot, beating heart of India. It’s a huge, sprawling city that heats up to brag-worthy temperatures in the summer and freezes over in winter. My favourite part is the sprawling back-streets of Old Delhi: a vast zig-zagging maze full of tiny window-shops, spice stalls, chai stalls, neon-orange jalebis sizzling in vats of oil and some of the best street food India has on offer. If you’re a food lover like I am, come to Delhi and eat. If not, visit the amazing fort and ruins of Qutub Minar, home to the tallest minaret in India.

Tip: take a street food tour of Old Delhi. You won’t regret it, I promise. And don’t stick to hotel food in fear of “Delhi Belly”, as you’re more likely to catch a lurgy there than from a popular local café.

Pros: There’s a lot on offer in Delhi, and you could spend weeks exploring the alleyways of the old city. Accommodation in the hippy-ish backpacker quarter is dirt cheap. My friend and I stayed a couple of weeks and spent around $2.50 per night on a shared room. We could have stayed longer and not have run out of places to see and things to do. Plus, there was a friendly guy selling chai right next to the doorway of our hostel. Didn’t hurt…
Cons: Delhi is not the most fabulous destination for women. If you’re travelling as a man, with a man or with children you’ll likely find the going much easier than travelling as a solo woman or with another female friend (the latter I have done). To be frank, sleazy (and potentially dangerous) men just seem to abound here.
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